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At The Rose Spa in Kolkata, choose from our variety of massage types specially tailored to your preferences. Whether you are seeking a Thai spa or oil massage, our experts will deliver ultimate rejuvenation.

Therapeutic Sessions

Embark your journey of relaxation at The Rose Spa, the renowned body massage centre for male. Our wellness practices will alleviate your stress and restore body balance to keep you refreshed.

Certified Therapists

Our certified therapists are dedicated to promote your relaxation and well-being. With passion for healing in mind, they provide bespoke spa and massage tailored to your needs.

Best Perfection

Our community of certified The Rose Spa practitioners are ready to help you. Find a practitioner near you and experience our transformative and healing bodywork method first hand.

Relax With A Massage

The Rose Spa offers premium massage services that can be your perfect opportunity to relax and spend some peaceful time in our ambient spa parlour.

SPA Treatment

Let us take you through a journey with the goodness and freshness of natural ingredients that’ll help you relieve your stress and pain.

Beauty Care

The Rose Spa offer a complete range of beauty care services to fit your needs. Hair, to facial skin care, to body massage, manicures, pedicures and more.


Escape all your stress and anxiety at the comfortable and tranquil setting of the best spa in Kolkata. This is the ideal place where you can embark your journey of serenity with world-class massage and spa therapy.

Our holistic approach to wellness focuses on providing modern body massage blended with traditional techniques to relieve all your stress and promote deep relaxation. Dive into our world of relaxation with our wide range of therapy services. Our team of professional masseurs offer personalised care and treatment to meet your specific needs and preferences.

So, let’s book your spa session today at the most popular unisex body massage centre in Kolkata and revitalise yourself.

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The Rose Spa is dedicated to providing you with the best quality Spa experience at an affordable price.

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Enjoy a taste of all that The Rose Spa has to offer. Enjoy a relaxing day at The Rose Spa with our premier spa services.

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